For conveying the spirit of the essence of Japanese traditional culture and art,
the collection of Kashiwabara museum is separated into 3 categories.



The exhibits of "Kashiwabara art museum" represent the sumurai's traditional culture and the sprit.
Here you can find the details.




Kashiwabara Art Museum

The Kashiwabara art museum was established to show you the Japanese traditional culture and the Sprit. In the homepage, I introduce the Armors of Samurai as "life-and-death culture. " Moreover, various culture which has colored the life of a samurai is introduced as " culture of a life." Probably, this category can make you feel the deep soul nature of a woman of those days. Furthermore, as a "special exhibit", I am introducing the piece that enriched samurai's life for all seasons which are quite unique items. I would be more than satisfied if you can touch the breath of the wonderful soul of Japanese tradition culture by this homepage.

The Kashiwabara art museum superintendent Shinji Kashiwabara



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Traffic Information

Bus10 minutes after JR Shin-Iwakuni station
15 minutes after JR Iwakuni station
Car8 minutes after San'yo Expressway "Iwakuni I.C."


2-10-27, Yokoyama, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi-ken, 741-0081
Telephone number : 0827-41-0506


Wishing for the inheritance of the Japanese culture and spirit

In March 2004, the three years' rebuilding project of Kintai Bridge was successfully finished. As a symbol of Iwakuni city, the Kintai Bridge got its rebirth after 50 years. I am deeply moved by this event as a person who was born and raised in Iwakuni city. On this occasion, our musuem was also renewed including some changes of the exhibition style to suit for the new bridge and the name from "Iwakuni history art museum"to "Iwakuni art museum". Now, you are more than welcome for the reopening.