Nameletter, Hideyoshi Hashiba
PeriodAzuchi Momoyama
DateThis letter was sent to Kanzaemon Koide from Hideyoshi Hashiba (former name of Hideyoshi Toyobomi, Shogun). (1577 - 1587)
CommentThis letter was written when Nobunaga Oda was a Shogun and Hideyoshi was a follower of Nobunaga in that time. Hideyoshi wrote this letter to Kanzaemon Koide who was a accountant for Hideyoshi. Koide Kanzaemon became a owner of Kishiwada castle when Hideyoshi became the Shogun.
Most part of this letter was written by someone else but the signature and some sentences were added by Hideyoshi himself. Especially, the part that explained about how to stock the war funds. This letter is the very important data because it proof that Hideyoshi had superior foresight because it was a commonsense to stock rice instead of money in that period.